Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tranquility....not so much.

The girl friend and I decide no to sit around the house all day and go for a ride.  Yes we know it is snowing and contrary to the loud old lady in our parking lot, no, we are not crazy or stupid.

I decide to throw the studded tires on my Redline and I dug out my Schwalbe Marathon Winter tires to put on her Kona Dew Plus.  And I was really proud of her.  She gave it a good try and was a good sport about it.  The snow was DEEP.  We only got from the trail head to the first road crossing and decided to go back.  It was a blast but it took for EVER.  Anyways here are some pics.

There she goes....sort of.  [:-)]

 It was some deep snow.

We both took some good spills.


  1. Kudo's to you and your girlfriend for getting out and enjoying the trail.
    The tires you're running on your redline are Gava Extremes, right? Are they carbide tips and how well do they withstand off-road use? Any studs fallen out?

  2. Yeah Douglas they are. Here's a link for the manufacture's website (I think): http://www.suomityres.fi/ext294.html

    I believe they are carbide tips and they handle really well off-road. I have had them for two seasons and only lost one stud which happened when I was breaking them in. They recommend running them for twenty-some miles on dry pavement to set all the studs, which when your are doing this you start to wonder why you bought them, but they are an amazing tire. When I picked mine up they were $75 a tire, I think.

    I rode to the grocery store today about 8:30 in the morning and had no issues. The sidewall recommended PSI is 35 to 65. I run them at 30psi in the rear and about 25psi up front. I got a good photo from this morning excursion. It took me about an hour and a half to ride a quarter mile to the grocery store grab the stuff I needed and then ride back home.

    I was going to recommend these tires to ya when I read about you wanting some wider tires.


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