Friday, October 16, 2009

New Rig....Wrong Time.

So I finally got my new rig put together.

Steel Langster frameset from Specialized.  True track geometry, 56cm.

Specs. as follows:

-White Steel 56cm frame set
-Custom Velocity Deep V White Rim
--Red All-City Track Hubs
--3 Cross lacing front and rear white DT Swiss Competition spokes
--Red nipples
-All-City Red 170mm 46t Cranks
-White Industries 17t freewheel
-TRP R960 red bake calipers
-Surly 17t fixed cog and lock-ring
-Cane Creek SCR-5 Brake levers
-Crank Brothers Candy SL pedals
-Thompson Elite silver seatpost
-Specialized Mondo Tire 700x23c red
-Nitto handle bar and stem
-S-wrap Classic bar tape
-Old School Saddle found in our back storage area 

22.5 pounds of road skiddin' love.  Just too bad I finally got it together when the weather turned shitty.  I hope for a few good days to break 'er in before the snow flys.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

From MTB Omaha

CX Tuesdays

Who's up for CX practice on Tuesday nights? I've got a good practice course at Seymor Smith park by the soap box derby track. The course includes a paved climb, gravel climb, gravel/sand trap, and we can get a high speed barrier section too. I'm thinking 5:30ish. Two lap, five lap and three lap mini races.

All levels are welcome, don't be shy.

First SNOW of the season

Had an interesting ride Saturday morning.  Rode to the Joslyn Art museum for a class assignment and then rode to work on 151st and industrial.  The morning ride to the museum was really wet and still snowing.  The ride to work afterward was just wet and windy.  But I do have to say that the new FORCE/RIVAL 10 speed groupo performed flawlessly, way exceeded my expectations.

Even with all the ice on the cables I never missed a shift.

Other than the snap of cold, it was an awesome day for a ride.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yeah 10 speed

Me being a bigger guy I expect to wear out bicycle components faster than your average rider.  On the Last bacon ride I apparently "broke"  my Truvativ carbon Rouller cranks.  I called SRAM and they warrantied them no problem.  Unfortunately they didn't have the exact cranks that I needed and were not making them anymore.  So they upgraded me to these bad boys!

SRAM FORCE BABY!!  For Free!  Now the only downside to this is that These cranks have a true ten speed spacing and I was running nine speed, so dang it! I have to upgrade my entire drive train.

Found a FORCE front derailleur in the used part bin at work.  SCORE!

I decided to go with a RIVAL rear derailleur and shifter set.  Why you might ask?  Well, during my discussions of whether FORCE or RIVAL would be the best choice, I think Nate put it best: "You brake shit."  I can't handle replacing a $150 rear der. or a $490 set of shifters if and when I get hit or wreck again.  The only part of this bike that I haven't broken or worn out is the tires, the seat post and the frame.

A new set of wrap as well and I think that I'm ready to give cross riding a shot this year....  If I can find the time.  Overall weight of the bike, with Acid2 pedals and bottle cages and pump mount, is now down to 22 lbs!  I know that might seem nothing spectacular as far as bikes go, but I wish I had weighed it when I first got the thing.  I have dropped some serious wight off of it.

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