Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mud and Butter

So headed out to do my first solo gravel ride to train for Dirty Kanza.  I like riding with other people but I figure that I will be riding most of the 200 miles on my own so I figured I should train from time to time riding alone.

With the recent bought of snow, the gravel wasn't as dry as I was hoping but it was very ridable.  HERE is the map.  Saw a few other cyclists and one other fellow Gravel Grinder riding down Pawnee Road.  I think it was "The D."  Tried to catch up with them, I was looking for some company, but I couldn't catch up and decided to turn back to my original route plans.  Found out the hard way that Google can't be entirely trusted as well.  Originally planned on turning off of Dutch Hall Road at 216th.  Found out that the road has been commandeered and blocked by the county landfill so had to go a bit further than had planned to 225th street and then come down.  Wasn't horrible, but not as planned.

Product notes:  Recently picked up a Garmin Edge 500 with the cadence and heart rate.  This is the first Garmin or even heart rate monitor that I have used.  Been playing with it for about two weeks and it is very easy to set up and customize.  Also Garmin has a really cool online program that you can download the data and share with other folks around the world, for free.  Even better they have a program that you can download, for FREE, and analysis your data directly on your computer.  The best thing of all... it is all Mac compatible.  :-)

Another new product that I tried for the first time today was Hammer Nutrition's Perpetuem.  I have had lots of issues in the past with "bonking" and feeling like crap after long or high intensity rides.  So far I feel good for doing 52 miles and 4 hours in the saddle.  A definite recommendation.

Last new product used today, I know taking some risks using three new products in one ride, was chamois butter.  First time for this product as well.  I purchased some Paceline Products Euro-style Chamois Butter.  I was very hesitant to try this product out hence the whole rubbing cream on myself in the nether regions.  It would be all good and fun if someone of the female gender was doing it for me.  :-P  But in all seriousness, the product works.  Usually have all kinds of saddle issues when I get up around the 40 mile mark.  But none to speak of this time.  I'm sold.  The Euro-style has a interesting cooling sensation similar to Icy Hot compared to the standard stuff.

Bike held up pretty good for it's first ride for more than 20 miles and on gravel.  And of course the mud!

Oh yeah that's some build up.  First time I felt mud slow me down.  The only time I had to stop and clean off some of the pancake batter like mud.

Made a pit-stop at The Bike Way.

And I caved on the way home and stopped at McDonalds for a post ride meal.

Overall a very good day.  Got some miles in, tested out some new products, and had no mechanical issues to speak of.   Planning on making this a regular occurrence to train for DK200.  Anyone is welcome to join.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh yeah. I need to start training for that....

So I got a bit sidetracked from my training plans for The Dirty Kanza 200.  With the weather being crappy, commuting to and from work and trying to acquire a new place to live, excuses, excuses and more excuses, I finally have got back on track to get my self in shape for this.

Went out with The D and Matt N. Sunday for a forty mile ride out to Fort Calhoun and back.  Legs felt good the next day, my sit bones did not.  Need more miles, got to get the body used to the distance again.  I will be going out every weekend come rain or shine once April hits.  Keep an eye out and I will post the rides here and some other places.

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