Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!!!

Enough said. Hope the trail gets dry enough for the race.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Preping for saturday

Well, this friday I went out with some friends for a good fun ride at swanson. The trail was good, the company was good and I felt awesome. That is until I ran into... no, more like flew, literaly, into a tree. I am fine other than a sore shoulder and a little bit of a shaken confidence. I need to get a new helmet, and a new front brake lever blade for my stumpjumper but things can be replaced...people can't. I can't even try to figure out what went wrong. One moment I felt great the next I felt that something was wrong and then I was saying hello to a tree.

Life is fun....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When a bad day turns good

Wow! today was an interesting day. Started out rainy and total crap. Had a relaxful morning on the couch, Cleaned the apartment a bit, rode the single speed up to UNO and climbed for an hour, tried to find people that were doing something....and then said screw it and decided to find something to do by myself, so I rode from UNO out to C.B. and then back home via downtown. Was too nice of a day to sit at home for all of it and with the rain the trails are unrideable. But they should be by Wednesday. If anyone interested...Manawa, wednesday, 6pm.

I'm hungry....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lewis and Bark

Well, i didn't get hurt but I did take a spill out at Lewis and Clark. Apparently from the land dispute issues with the trail, you can either take your chances with the rangers and continue starting the trail as normal and go through the "chute" section or... you can start were the trail normally finishes, come down the hill and eventually you'll be heading the right direction. I hope that things get worked out before the race.

Anybody know what the plans are?

Who wants to ride tonight?

Ride, MTB, Lewis and Clark, 6pm, 4/15/09.

Hopefully I wont get hurt this time. Every time I've gone out there I been significantly hurt. Hey EB, remember the first time you took me out there and I busted up my knee.... yah, good times.

Hey now, did everyone get their taxes done?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Absoulutley Amazing

I'm glad to see that something as simple as this can be so inspiring. I'm ecstatic that a legit business has emerged in the Midwest that works like this.


Today is the day that I have decided to make my life less complex. I will continue to live in a style that I see fit and not be persuaded or influenced by others around me

What this is about...

It is me making commentary on life as I wade through, trying to avoid the sink holes. Maybe you'll laugh; maybe I will offend, or maybe you will just sit back and think….

I'm not trying to change my world... just survive it.