Sunday, October 10, 2010

Training for the North O!

Okay, so everyone who really knows me can attest that my dedication and follow through can sometimes fall off from time to time.  I participated in Dirty Kanza this year with hardly any training.  Gravel Worlds came and went faster than I anticipated and wasn't able to participate.  Now I am looking forward to the North O Rock Road Jackrabbit Hundy

With all that being said I have not ridden gravel since Dirty Kanza.  So I decided to hit the road to try and get in some kind of shape for the North O Hundy.  Three weeks ago started out riding my Redline 29er figuring train heavy, race light.  Played with fueling and messed around with a few setups to eliminate the issue that I had at DK with running out of water.  Also found out that rural Nebraska is actually quite pretty once you get off the interstate.  Feeling pretty confidante about what I have discovered.  Realistically I probably won't be first but at least DFL is a place.  Enjoy some snap shots I took along the way.

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