Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yeah 10 speed

Me being a bigger guy I expect to wear out bicycle components faster than your average rider.  On the Last bacon ride I apparently "broke"  my Truvativ carbon Rouller cranks.  I called SRAM and they warrantied them no problem.  Unfortunately they didn't have the exact cranks that I needed and were not making them anymore.  So they upgraded me to these bad boys!

SRAM FORCE BABY!!  For Free!  Now the only downside to this is that These cranks have a true ten speed spacing and I was running nine speed, so dang it! I have to upgrade my entire drive train.

Found a FORCE front derailleur in the used part bin at work.  SCORE!

I decided to go with a RIVAL rear derailleur and shifter set.  Why you might ask?  Well, during my discussions of whether FORCE or RIVAL would be the best choice, I think Nate put it best: "You brake shit."  I can't handle replacing a $150 rear der. or a $490 set of shifters if and when I get hit or wreck again.  The only part of this bike that I haven't broken or worn out is the tires, the seat post and the frame.

A new set of wrap as well and I think that I'm ready to give cross riding a shot this year....  If I can find the time.  Overall weight of the bike, with Acid2 pedals and bottle cages and pump mount, is now down to 22 lbs!  I know that might seem nothing spectacular as far as bikes go, but I wish I had weighed it when I first got the thing.  I have dropped some serious wight off of it.


  1. Nice rig Sean. I went through a similar problem when I sucked my derailleur into my rear wheel. I wanted to upgrade from 9 to 10 due to the availability of parts, but the damn shifters were too expensive.

    Consider the Sunday cyclocross race. I plan on racing Sunday in the 40+ group. It will be my first as well.

  2. I sooo want to go this weekend but I have committed to helping out with a backpacking trip for the Outdoor Venture Center this weekend. I will hopefully get to the Norfolk and the Lincoln races.


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