Sunday, January 10, 2010

First round of training

Ok, so in my attempts to get into shape for the Dirty Kanza I have designed a riding schedule that I will hopefully be able to maintain along with my normal everyday riding.

So this Saturday, January 16th lets say around 11 am roll out I am going to be heading up north to dutch hall road, out around Elkhorn on skyline drive and return via my neighborhood commute route with some papio and keystone trail mixed in to give it some length.

Here's a link to  a map:

Leave a response if you want to go, anyone is welcome.


  1. i will join you in two weeks i'm out of town this weekend

  2. sweet, I'll keep posting about the rides.

  3. Couple questions. What bike will you be riding and what kind of pace are you doing? Being that you'll be on both gravel and road, my guess would be cross bike?

  4. Cross bike, yes! pace? I'm just getting in miles. As far as my training goals I need to keep up above 10 mph average, otherwise I'm not going out to "kill it."

  5. I will join ya. I'll see if I can get some other MITMON fellas to join as well. The Southern Gravel Beatdowns with Shim and Kev are too much for me, now that I'm not in race shape. But I can easily maintain 10-15 mph for your ride.

  6. Would have loved to but I made other commitments. Hit me up next time.

  7. Douglas: pretty much every weekend from now until the dirty kanza I will be doing some kind of ride (weather permitting) or I will be slitting my wrists from boredom on the CompuTrainer at The Bike Way. I'll keep posting about them here and on pedal omaha.

    Munsoned: I totally get that. like I said it is about distance and not speed for me. eventually I have plans to do a 200 mile ride of my own before I go to the Dirty Kanza.

  8. i don't know about 200 miles but omaha lincoln omaha for some yia yia would be fine with me :D

  9. Well its more like Omaha-Lincoln-council bluffs-two laps around manawa-omaha, but you can come along for as far as you want.



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