Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New things for 2010

Ok, so I'm not really one to open up and spew my deepest thoughts and feeling to just anyone by writing them on the wall, but....  this seems to be a significant enough event at this point in my life that it would warrant some acknowledgment.

I am now single.... I know that this might seem trivial, but my girlfriend of almost three years with whom I am living with, informed me last week that she wants to start seeing other people.  [blink...blink]

Now I know that every relationship has its ups and downs and ours was no exception but I thought that through it all we were actually doing pretty well and actually on an up swing.  But apparently I was the only one that had that thought and was the only one who had been thinking that for a while.  She has been feeling like we were going nowhere for about six months hence she decided to break it off instead of "wasting her time."

I think that the best thing that tops it all off, neither one of us can afford to break the lease so we can move on with our lives hence we have to try to live together until June or July.  I have spent the last week moving and reorganizing all of my stuff into our office along with my bikes.

Everything in consideration it isn't the worst thing that could of happened to me this past week... I haven't been hit by a car yet this year (knock on wood) and I am still healthy.  I guess I just have to keep everything in perspective.  Right?  Anyways, I guess that other than my dog, I can focus more attention on climbing and cycling.  Back to the basics in life: Eat, sleep, work, friends, climb, and pedal.

Here's to you.


  1. Amen to that: Eat, sleep, work, friends, climb, and pedal!
    As for the rest? Phooey!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend.

  3. Thanks Anonymous. Want to reveal yourself?


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