Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Approaching Storm

At this point with the impending race of my life looming on the horizon I find myself not be very excited.  I find myself being more apathetic and resistant to training and wanting to do more of other things that won't benefit me.  Maybe it's because I don't think that I have done enough training? Maybe I have done enough and will somewhere find the mental fortitude to reach down deep and be able to pull out some amazing riding. Maybe I am burned out from other things, such as work and that is affecting my mindset?  What ever the case is I can not figure it out.  I had a good time at Wagon Train 12 hour MTB race.  I rode for about 10.5 of the 12 hours.  Felt pretty good at the end and I think that my fueling was good, it was my wrists that eventually forced me to throw in the towel.

I find myself debating whether or not to join RD, Douglas and others this weekend for a grinder, nothing against those guys, I love hanging out and riding with these guys.  This is my last weekend that I have available due to work to get in some decent miles before the race.  Join the group or head out on my own or just sit at home and do nothing?  I need to figure out what is going on and get on my horse or stay out of the stable.


  1. it's suppose to be pretty windy larger group the better

  2. you can sit home and do nothing when it's winter time

  3. Sometimes the mental stuff is harder than the physical stuff. We all suffer from burnout now and then. And sometimes is mentally healthier just to say fuck-it and do what makes you happy, rather than what you "should" do.

    As for Saturday (tomorrow) come out and ride comfortably and for fun. If you're not feeling it, then turn back. That's my plan.

    And by the way, I forgot you raced the Wagon Train. Congrats for getting as far as you did. That's pretty commendable.

  4. Thanks guys for the words. Other for the wipeout on the ride I was in pretty good condition. My only thing is that it got harder and harder to get back on the bike every time we stopped. I'm gonna have to keep that in mind during DK. Douglas: The mental thing is what seems to be my issue right now. I just feel that I am underprepared. I need to just say fuck it and and go and that is what I'm gonna do. I also think that I might be over fueling now and bogging my system down....


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